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Drinking rainwater - how does it work?

INTEWA, a leader in the development and marketing of water reuse systems, has successfully developed and established the AQUALOOP ultrafiltration technology in recent years. This innovative technology enables the treatment of rainwater into drinking water in a reliable way. The special feature of this purified rainwater source is that it is free of micropollutants such as drug residues or hormones. Not to mention pesticides such as glyphosate, which can often be found in conventional water sources. Rainwater is not only an environmentally friendly alternative, it is also low in limescale and therefore particularly soft, making purified rainwater an excellent resource for beer and lemonade production.


The treatment of rainwater using INTEWA's AQUALOOP system is a multi-stage process that ensures that the water obtained meets the highest quality standards. First, the water is pre-cleaned by the PURAIN filter, which effectively retains coarse contaminants. A remarkable feature of the AQUALOOP system is its ability to repel bacteria and viruses without the use of chemical additives such as chlorine, which is harmful to health.

When the water is pumped into the clear water tank, a UV system integrated into the pressure line additionally combats potential post-contamination of the stagnant clear water. This disinfection measure ensures that the treated water is hygienically flawless. The treated water is then transported to the brewery where it is processed into beer or lemonade as usual.


More information about the product and water treatment.