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Beer an lemonade from Rainwater

INTEWA has been dealing with the topic of water for over 30 years. As we are very aware of the importance of this vital resource, we attach great importance to the careful use of water. So why not tap into new sources of water? Thanks to our innovative water treatment technology, AQUALOOP, this is becoming a reality. We have managed to treat rainwater not only as valuable drinking water, but also to utilise it for the production of refreshing drinks such as our beeRAIN and RAINade.

beeRAIN Bierflasche auf einem weißen Hintergrund mit gezeichnetem Hopfen

Exklusive Beer from rainwater

This special beer is produced in close collaboration with a Belgian brewery. Our AQUALOOP technology is an innovative water treatment technology that makes rainwater drinkable*.  The purified rainwater contains no micropollutants Pure beer brewed with pure rainwater is drinkable.  We have been brewing our rainwater beer since 2016.

[Translate to English:] RAINade-Limonade aus Regenwasser

New: Sparkling Lemonade from rainwater

We use one of the most natural sources for the production of our lemonade - rainwater. The pure and soft rainwater, which is treated by INTEWA AQUALOOP, forms the basis for our RAINade. With every sip of our lemonade you enjoy the purity of the rain - captured and transformed into a truly refreshing drink.

More Information

Our RAIN water drinks are made from filtered and treated rainwater and therefore taste particularly smooth.

Rainwater is collected via the roof of our company building in Aachen. We test the water at regular intervals in accordance with the drinking water regulations.

The 330 ml/bottle contains 6.5% alcohol. 
Ingredients: malt, wheat