Our rainwater drinks

INTEWA has been engaged in the topic of water for more than 30 years. As we are very aware of the importance of this vital resource, we attach great importance to the careful use of water. So why not tap into new sources of water?
Thanks to our innovative water treatment technology, AQUALOOP, this is becoming a reality. We have managed to not only treat rainwater as valuable drinking water, but also to use it for the production of refreshing beverages such as ourbeeRAIN and RAINade. Dive into the world of sustainable enjoyment and discover how rainwater can become a refreshing taste experience.


Exklusive Beer from rainwater

Discover the next level of beer enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the world of beer, where hops, malt and yeast merge to create masterpieces. But we go one step further - our unique rainwater beer. Treated rainwater creates a particularly soft water, and thus a very special beer. Be ready to redefine taste - conventional beer was yesterday, welcome to the future of craft brewing.

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New: Sparkling Lemonade from rainwater

Inspired by success, we proudly present our latest creation: the refreshing lemonade that unfolded in the flow of our rainwater beer success. Enjoy the sparkling magic of tangy lemon as you immerse yourself in the world of pure rainwater. Born from the same passion for quality and uniqueness as our beer, this lemonade opens up a whole new dimension of refreshing pleasure.


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