The story of the idea

making rainwater drinkable

The origin story of the beer "Brain" from rainwater began in 2016 when Oliver Ringelstein, CEO of INTEWA, and his U.S. sales partner Bob Drew talked about Drew's hobby of brewing craft beer. Both specialized in water for a living, and Ringelstein was intrigued by Drew's successful brewing experiments with rainwater. The idea of brewing beer with rainwater was born.

Oliver Ringelstein set out to find a brewery willing to implement this unconventional idea. A microbrewery in Belgien was willing to cooperate in this experiment. INTEWA's AQUALOOP ultrafiltration technology was used as the key technology to turn rainwater into drinking water and ensure that it meets the highest brewing standards.

The technology reliably removes impurities, makes the water hygienic and ensures that it is free of micropollutants such as drug residues, hormones and pesticides. The idea of brewing pure beer with pure rainwater was considered compelling, and so began the development of the first beer, "Brain," a pale ale with a fruity taste. The first batch of "Brain" was successfully produced and enjoyed great popularity among beer connoisseurs. Due to the success and positive response, INTEWA decided to use the properties of the beer, in particular the use of treated rainwater, for another type of beer. The result was "Brain brune," a dark beer with an intense flavor and 6% alcohol content.

The "Grain D'Orge" brewery continued its collaboration with INTEWA, and Benoît Johnen developed the dark beer in a careful development process. The result was a beer that was given a distinctive character by the soft rainwater, with clearly prominent malt aromas and a balanced flavor profile between bitterness and sweetness. The beer was first available for tasting in May 2016 and was exclusively available through INTEWA.

After the beer's success with partners and trade fairs, it has been kept in the range until today and received a new design and a new continuation with RAINade in October 2023.