Beer from rainwater - the refreshing experience of nature

Discover the next level of beer enjoyment where tradition meets innovation. Immerse yourself in the world of beer, where hops, malt and yeast merge to create masterpieces. But we go one step further - our unique beeRAIN rainwater beer.


In close collaboration with the Eifel Domaine brewery, this special beer is created from the elements of nature. Each drop tells a story of purity and uniqueness. Be ready to redefine taste - conventional beer was yesterday, welcome to the future of craft brewing.

Our AQUALOOP technology reliably removes contamination through collection surfaces and makes the water hygienically clean. The purified rainwater contains no micropollutants such as residues of medicines or hormones - and of course no pesticides such as glyphosate, almost a unique selling point!  A source water for beer production cannot be 'purer'. Pure beer brewed with pure rainwater: that's a compelling thought for the popular beverage with a long history. We have now been brewing our rainwater beer since 2016. Learn more about the manufacture of beeRAIN here.

beeRAIN - Nature and refreshment in every sip!


Further information

Our beeRAIN is made with filtered and treated rainwater and thus tastes particularly soft.

Our beeRAIN is made with rainwater collected and filtered in Aachen at the Brasserie "Eifel Domaine Berterath". You can find more about the manufacture here.

Our first rainwater beer has been around since 2016. This year, the RAINade was added to the range along with the new design. You can find out more about the origins of the Rainwater drinks here.

Our beeRAIN rainwater beer contains 6.5% alcohol.